Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Go and check this guy out!

OK I appreciate that this is going to sound like "oh yes she would say that cause she knows Nige & Rosemary" BUT you really have to go and listen to their highly talented SON! Yes you did read correctly - go and listen to what Joel can do you will not be disappointed cause this guy can sing and if they do not start playing him on the radio VERY soon I want to know why cause I have heard stuff that is no where as near as good as this being played! Go check him out www.myspace.com/joeluk .

THEN if you love what you hear on 20 April if all runs to plan Nige tells me his new album is going to be dropped on iTunes! Forget the scrapping connection and go let this new artist shine on his own merits!

1 comment:

mandy said...

Ah yes Joel, he's been a friend on Myspace for kazonkers, I think he's quite good!!