Monday, 21 April 2008

Back to the vets!

That is where we went on Friday with Cheshire - seems he has some sort of urinary infection so today is being spent trying to get him to wee on some special cat litter so that we can get a sample otherwise he has to be admitted and they will get one from him at the vets.

Finally been doing some scrapping rather than just doing cards, used the Gottacraft March Kit (yes I am a bit behind!) but if you want to see the past kits or even get hold of the next one have a look on Sandra's site under kits. I got a really lovely photo of my brother and my two nieces from my mum last weekend and immediately they shouted SCRAP ME! So I have finally got around to it - just need to cut a title, stick it all together and do the journaling and I will be done and hopefully will upload tomorrow when DD is back at school.

Talking of which the holidays are just so silly this year - it is only 5 weeks and then they are off again and there is a bank holiday in between as well. Still she has been really good with me working and DH looking after her whilst I am there for the last week. We have also had some time to do her first two scrapbook pages and this afternoon the plan is to paint a mug which she got in a kit for Christmas. Lots of pics to be taken and uploaded this week and this is all before the UKS Cybercrop which starts on Friday evening!

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