Monday, 28 April 2008

Been Cybercropping

Well this is what I have been up to all weekend!!! Cybercrop on UKS. Had a great time starting off on Friday Evening with a great class called "Stand by Me" by Margaret of Artbase ( That was all for Friday and I carried on Saturday morning with this too - forget the scrapping this got me using Photoshop and turning my pics to black and white for the very first time.

I also did some of the challenges and on the Blank Cheque one did a photo that was recently rediscovered when my Mum scanned in some old slides and found this one of me and my grandparents so it was great to get them on the page too - just need to check what the year was - definitely 1970's sometime and I think it was either '73 or '74!

I loved doing the class by Caroline of Bubbly Funk last time and so I rushed to get the kit this time and for once did not go with DDs choice of pink and got the green instead. I really love using her chipboard so if you want to see more then go to The real suprise with this class tho was that I won a prize!!!! DH could not believe it when I nearly screamed the house down at 10pm at night. Photo was taken by my BIL so big thanks to him too for sharing it with us.

The most anticipated class of the CC had to be the one by the lovely Annette aka Voodoo Vixen and she showed us how to make a great book - it was so quick to do and really effective. I know I will just be using this design over and over again. I really hope that she is persuaded to do one another time as she is just so talented! I know she has a blog too so must find that and post a link here for you all to see.

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mandijane said...

sounds like you enjoyed the cybercrop as much as me!