Monday, 30 June 2008

Been Tagged!

by a duck obssessed woman called QUAKAS!!! SOOOO here we go:

What was I doing ten years ago today?
OMG - you mean I am meant to remember????? Well I can tell you that I was living in Croydon ten years ago with my DH in a one bedroomed flat with only dreams of living in anything larger! I would also have been preparing from my driving test which I passed in the August of 1998. As for work I would have been working for Hillman Saunders a recruitment agency as their Office Manager in Croydon with my lovely friend Rachael who has now moved to New York.

5 things to do today:
Well I am going to cheat as it is late in the day and include those I have done as well LOL!
1. Get some pink card from the Papermill for DDs birthday invitations
2. Get all the bits and bobs needed to put oup DDs hair for her ballet exam.
3. Return the forms and make certain everything is OK for DD to go to afterschool club from Wednesday.
4. Make said invitations!
5. Ring my Mum and Dad cause I have not spoken to them for nearly a week!

Snacks I like: basically everything unhealthy LOL! I love chocolate (except most white), Walkers cheese and onion crisps - oh and any sort of summer berries, now they are healthy!

What would I do if I was a millionaire?
Well the first thing I would do would be to go on holiday! First of all to see my friend Rachael (above!) who lives in NYC and also has a little girl and then head off to Australia to see my BIL, SIL and their children. Somewhere on this trip I would also stop off in Hong Kong as I have always wanted to go there for some reason! I would also go back to South Africa. Like most people I would also buy a new house - or rather I would prefer to build my own somewhere in Pembrokeshire and if possible near Tenby where I could see out over the sea. This would mean I would be closer to my family in Wales. Of course this house would have a dedicated purpose built scrap room!

Places I have lived:
Swansea, Croydon and Ashford! That's it!

Now I need to go find some others to tag so I choose Pink Fairy, Jo, Linds, Mandijane and Jo Bee!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Last Day!

Well for those of you who know me you will also know that today was my last day working for Craft Central. I have to say I will very much miss everyone I have worked with there but needs must and I am now heading off to new but unfortunately non crafty pastures working for the same company as DH! Luckily not in the same building though LOL!

I got some beautiful hand made cards as well as some lovely flowers and yummy Thorntons Continential Choccies from my friends there who as I said I will miss but am certain to pop in to visit at the weekends!! They don't get rid of me that easily.........

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Here are a couple of cards I have made in the past day or so! First of all this one for my cousin - Magnolia image used which was kindly sent to me by my teamie Tania so many thanks for this!
Flowers on this one from Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash but the paper sorry I cannot recall it was from my scraps! Think it may possibly be Crate Paper?

AND NOW.......

A PREMIERE!!!! Here is the very first card made with on of my new H&S stamps! This has been done for my niece in Australia for her birthday in a couple of weeks. When she visited over five years ago she adored my kitty cats so this one is ideal for her. Flowers from Lakeland and papers are from a pack from QVC by American Crafts, again scraps left over from my scrapbooking.

Oh and even better I am now using my lovely Derwent Inktense pencils to colour these images - there are going to be many many more of them so hope you do not get bored to bits with them!


Well I am so so thrilled that I have just yesterday received some really beautiful Hanglar & Stanglar stamps from my lovely friend from UKS who lives in Sweden!

Another one of my lovely team mates is now being lovely and sharing her stamps with all of you in that she has some blog candy that could be heading your way! Of course you don't get them for doing nothing so head over to and have a look at her blog at right now and you could be in with the chance of getting these really super stamped images!!!! Oh just one more thing - you MUST do this by 30 June in order to be in with the chance of winning these! Good luck!

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Yes sorry to all of you who do come and read what I write! No one was more suprised that I was to get a message on UKS to ask why I had not update my blog for soooo long! Well considering it has been my birthday this month there really is not much excuse but saying that my mojo had gone and run off somewhere so hopefully it will come back very soon!

In order to aid that I went to the Scrapbooking Fayre at the Hilton Maidstone today, very short notice as I did not know about it until last night! Not many stalls there really but Scrapshed were there ( and I am pleased to say that there was not a problem spending even if there is using at the moment LOL! S

o for all of you were interested in how I have been spending the photos attached are for you, and I promise I will update more this week as I have pics of DDs Father's Day card to share with you plus an anniversary card that I made but of course not in the same league as hers! Hope you will come back again soon.... BUT in the meantime here is some stash to drool over!

Papers from Scrapshed which include MM Noteworthy, Prima Marketing Angelique, Prima Paintables and Rusty Pickle Pop Star!
More from the lovely Noteworth range - you just have to love those shaped edges!
BARGAIN from Scrapshed - just £2 in the sale for these vellum quotes! Also wanted some stamps like these for AGES, and you can just see the Mica Pigment Perlescent Paints from Stamp Connection. All resting on the BEST VFM pieces of chipboard from Stamp Connection too!
FINALLY by the Artistic Stamper a bit of an EXCLUSIVE as the stamps on the right are NOT available until next month and you could only get them at the show so how could I resist? Anyone else who loves them will have to wait but you can get them from the lovely Jennie at She also took a workshop today and I made a great tag using the pearl paints and the sunflower stamp which I will share with you another time! as well as a great tag that Jennie made for me!
Hope you enjoyed and that you are now inspired to go and spend on on stash too!!!!