Monday, 28 April 2008

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Been Cybercropping

Well this is what I have been up to all weekend!!! Cybercrop on UKS. Had a great time starting off on Friday Evening with a great class called "Stand by Me" by Margaret of Artbase ( That was all for Friday and I carried on Saturday morning with this too - forget the scrapping this got me using Photoshop and turning my pics to black and white for the very first time.

I also did some of the challenges and on the Blank Cheque one did a photo that was recently rediscovered when my Mum scanned in some old slides and found this one of me and my grandparents so it was great to get them on the page too - just need to check what the year was - definitely 1970's sometime and I think it was either '73 or '74!

I loved doing the class by Caroline of Bubbly Funk last time and so I rushed to get the kit this time and for once did not go with DDs choice of pink and got the green instead. I really love using her chipboard so if you want to see more then go to The real suprise with this class tho was that I won a prize!!!! DH could not believe it when I nearly screamed the house down at 10pm at night. Photo was taken by my BIL so big thanks to him too for sharing it with us.

The most anticipated class of the CC had to be the one by the lovely Annette aka Voodoo Vixen and she showed us how to make a great book - it was so quick to do and really effective. I know I will just be using this design over and over again. I really hope that she is persuaded to do one another time as she is just so talented! I know she has a blog too so must find that and post a link here for you all to see.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Done a LO!!!

Yes at last I have finally got around to doing a LO! These photos were sent to me by my Mum of my nieces, my baby bro and his new girlfriend. I don't think I have ever scrapped photos so fast ever and it also meant I got to use my Gottacraft kit ( from March at last.

Anyway do leave a comment to say you have been!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Back to the vets!

That is where we went on Friday with Cheshire - seems he has some sort of urinary infection so today is being spent trying to get him to wee on some special cat litter so that we can get a sample otherwise he has to be admitted and they will get one from him at the vets.

Finally been doing some scrapping rather than just doing cards, used the Gottacraft March Kit (yes I am a bit behind!) but if you want to see the past kits or even get hold of the next one have a look on Sandra's site under kits. I got a really lovely photo of my brother and my two nieces from my mum last weekend and immediately they shouted SCRAP ME! So I have finally got around to it - just need to cut a title, stick it all together and do the journaling and I will be done and hopefully will upload tomorrow when DD is back at school.

Talking of which the holidays are just so silly this year - it is only 5 weeks and then they are off again and there is a bank holiday in between as well. Still she has been really good with me working and DH looking after her whilst I am there for the last week. We have also had some time to do her first two scrapbook pages and this afternoon the plan is to paint a mug which she got in a kit for Christmas. Lots of pics to be taken and uploaded this week and this is all before the UKS Cybercrop which starts on Friday evening!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Go and check this guy out!

OK I appreciate that this is going to sound like "oh yes she would say that cause she knows Nige & Rosemary" BUT you really have to go and listen to their highly talented SON! Yes you did read correctly - go and listen to what Joel can do you will not be disappointed cause this guy can sing and if they do not start playing him on the radio VERY soon I want to know why cause I have heard stuff that is no where as near as good as this being played! Go check him out .

THEN if you love what you hear on 20 April if all runs to plan Nige tells me his new album is going to be dropped on iTunes! Forget the scrapping connection and go let this new artist shine on his own merits!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Back from the Palace!

YES I DID IT!!! I drove to Ally Pally and got back again. Not half as bad as I thought so will be saving up to go again. What a great time as I met so many people from UKS and also Amanda from - special mention as she gave me some goodies.
Sooooooo............ what did I get?

Papers - including some NEW coloured core cardstock which is available from - it can be sanded, torned and scrumpled to give a different shade underneath - they also do this with a black face and colour underneath but thought I would have a play with these to start with. Great Value at just 55p per sheet too! Could not resist getting some papers where I have to colour them in myself as well as some Bo Bunny, Fancy Pants and Crate Paper to name a few!

Lots more goodies including some much longed for H2Os and some journalling stamps! A couple I wanted were out of stock so the lovely gentleman on Stamp In stand said to email him in a couple of days and he will get them sent to me!

And FINALLY how could I resist these wood buttons - especially the cat ones and being Welsh I just loved the little love spoons! These can be coloured with Sakura pens or paints - wonder if those H2Os will work on them!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Not very good...

at this blogging lark! Think it is cause I look at everyone else's and they look so fabby and mine well tis rather basic and I cannot even post links back to which by the way is a real fabby craft website! We had a BIG techie problem there a few weeks back but now we are back BETTER than ever!

Since my last post (yes a long time ago!) we have unfortunately had to say goodbye to Ebony but in the end we know it was the right decision for her so on 7 December, Alan was very brave and took her to the vets. He stayed with her until the end and she even started purring for him as if saying her final farewell. For such a quiet little puss cat she is missed very much and no one will ever fill that place in our hearts - she will hold that forever.

So on that note back to something much happier! On Sunday I am taking my first trip to Alexandra Palace to the BIG Scrapbooking and Stamping Show - I have been saving for months and months now so have some money to spend but will be like a kiddie let loose in a sweet shop with all the lovely things there! I am also meeting up with some people from the forums I chat on - 5 all in all plus Claire who I am going to travel up with. Hopefully she will keep me sane whilst I try and drive there!

Well I will try and blog again after the weekend - but in the meantime if you are going and happen to read this then look out for me and my Bagpuss badge!