Monday, 18 May 2015

Back .....

Yes I am back and some things never change! Yes I am still on my weight loss journey, or more rightly another weight loss journey cause I put most of what I lost back on again!

So I hear you cry what you are doing now?! Well since January I have been doing freedom eating combined with 5:2 diet, plus using a Bodyblade (more to come on that) and have lost 29lbs not to mention inches galore but without paying out each week, being told off and getting upset.  I have a fabulous support network via Facebook too. There's lots of stuff there I guess many of you don't understand but am not going to do a huge post on here right now, that will bore you to tears all in one hit.

So why am I back? It's all down to me being asked by so many people for advice on cooking, recipes etc not only through work but also on the Facebook forum I am on where the lovely people there support me. Today's question was about Miso and what to do with this wonderful healthy product so whilst I have done a quick answer on there I will endeavour in a future post to demystify this ingredient and also offer hints, tips and recipes, even recommendations about things to try and possibly NOT to try!

So if all this has whetted your appetite stop by again plus let me know what you would like to know!