Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Crafty Blogs

Crafty Blogs

Have now joined crafty blogs so better start getting some stuff on here!!!!

Anyway to start off with Ebony is heading in the right direction and hopefully will be home frm the vets tomorrow. Have set up the spare room for her so heaven only know where I am going to put all my stash. Still hopefully it will only be for a short while until she gets used to the kittens.
Poor thing if she was stressed before she went there then will probably be even more stressed coming home again - so there will be lots of TLC required. As I am sharing the room with her and the computer hopefully lots of time to fuss her too! Still in the meantime here she is when she was much healthier and certainly much heavier than she is now too as she only weighs in at just over 2kgs.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Here we go.........

Who knows what is going to end up on here! Hopefully this will be the place where all the family can come along and see what we are all up to and see how Grace is growing up too!