Saturday, 17 January 2009

Been a long time......

since I came on here and wrote anything at all. Just need to say a lot has gone on and not all of it do I want to post on the internet, but I have been ill and I am on the road to recovery now.

The saddest thing I have to post though is about one of my lovely ginger cats. Poor Tangle was run over and killed a week ago Thursday. My neighbours found him in their front garden and it was too late for us to do anything. It was nice to think he was trying to come home to us but we were all very very sad about his death and he will be very much missed.

On a brighter note, we have got a new arrival to the family in the form of Kizzy. A little female tortie who is around 8/9 months old who we got from the RSPCA in Brighton after they rescued her from a house with 70 animals, 30 of which were cats and kittens, just before Christmas. Even this is a sad story as the cat we originally reserved turned out to be FIV positive so could not be rehomed with us. Luckily they had the cat who is now our Kizzy who is gradually getting braver and coming out more and more. Cheshire is not too bothered about her but she is a bit of a hisser towards hime at the moment although hopefully that will all change.

Promise to share photos when she stays still long enough for us to take one!