Monday, 27 April 2009

Meet Brenda Pinnick in Person!!!

Yes you can! If you are around next Monday at 10am then she will be waiting to meet fellow crafters at the British Museum.

Let her know you are coming along on her blog so that she does not miss you :) and who knows? I might even see you there!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Flowers in April!

Well over on UK Scrappers this month the photography competition is to take a photo of flowers and my Camellia bush was in bloom so too good an opportunity to miss out on! I just love the colour of this and the variegated leaves make it even more beautiful!

Well that was me sorted out I thought until this poor little bumble bee seemed not able to fly and was crawling around on the grass. We were worried about one of the cats getting it to be honest so placed it on a dandelion so it would get some food and it was very good and stayed there whilst I got my camera out! Love this one where you can see the raindrops on the wings.

I love this shot too as you do not normally take a photo of a flower from this angle - just wish the bee could have turned around a bit LOL!

Apologies for no photos yet of my prizes from last weekend - they HAVE arrived and promise to share them all with you soon. In the meantime I am hoping for good weather tomorrow so that I can head off and get some bluebells shots.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Radio 2 Winner!!!!

Well I cannot believe it - yesterday I called into the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2 and got onto the competition! Not only that I got a great plug for UK Scrappers AND I won so there are goodies on the way to me including hopefully some of the chocolate from Willie who had the programme on Channel 4! Have got more updates for you craftwise but if you want to hear me then go to and click on listen - I was on around 1 hour 50 mins into the programme with the quiz on following the news at 12pm!

Will let you see what goodies I won when I get them :)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Craft Space!!!!! Part 2

View of Expedit unit 2 with desk and DHs unit - or otherwise known as the space I use for my robo LOL!
Pictures above the unit. The top one was bought at an art shop near London Bridge and reminded me so much of my cat Bardsley. The bottom one is actually a framed decoupage picture which came from a craft fayre
Apologies for the refelection on this but this is a lovely print by Brenda Pinnick (those of you who watch QVC will know who I mean :)) which the lovely Lesley got me for my Secret Santa - yes it is finally framed and on the wall and sits about my PC so I can always look at it. It was such a lovely suprise so thanks again Lesley :)

So that is my room! Anyone who wants to know anything just ask, nothing exciting but it is my space and I can craft to my hearts content in here :)

My Craft Space!!!!! Part 1

From the doorway - as you can see there is just about room for the chair LOL!
The cat space :)
Expedit Unit 1 which is behind my chair
Expedit Unit 1 - you can just about see my flowers hanging from the end!
Expedit unit 2 whiche the desk is attached to - all my papers and cardstock are housed in the striped folders (Ok nearly all!) Also room for my robo to be to hand

More in part 2.............

Friday, 3 April 2009

OK it didn't happen......

Confession time - I did not post as promise BUT now the school hols are here and I am not running around I am aimming to sort this out and get some photos on next week! Just realised that I have downloaded loads and they are at their destinations now so means that I can share with you :)

The Dance Show last weekend was a great success - again photos to follow and also lots for me to scrap! There never seem to be enough hours in the day ............