Monday, 19 May 2008

Getting technical now!

OK have created a playlist - here's hoping it works!!!!

Time for some LOs!

As promised but not much time to chat so hope you like these - if you do leave a comment to say so!

First one is of my niece who wrote the poem in school and my Mum asked me to do a LO for her. Used a Pencillines sketch for this one.

Second is the weekly challenge for w/c 12 May on UKS and also my team challenge where I was not allowed to scap a picture of a person, had to use green, buttons and show my handwriting too! From a Cloud 9 kit from QVC

Finally Grow is from a kit from Gottacraft and is using sketch no 4 from Pencillines. It is DD in the garden where she keeps watching and waiting for her plant to flower.

I am loving using sketches at the moment cause I find I can work so quickly from them. Also when used with a kit like the Gottacraft one you don't need to worry too much about your mojo going astray!

You wanted cards?

For a friend's husband's 60th birthday, the card was cut with my robo as were the numbers which were then triple heat embossed.

My teamie on UKS sent me some stamped images of the lovely Little Cotton Rabbits so this has been made from one of these by colourin with H2Os

A card for the lovely Hazel who I chat to on the Gottacraft thread who was in the Cook Island for her birthday and with whom I share a love of PURPLE!

For my niece's 7th birthday - she does not many things with her name on:

Well as you can see I have been busy and still have Father's Day to go! In the meantime I have been scrapping and have some LOs to upload on here too, but as DD is off school today then I will have to leave these until another day!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunshiney Day!

well in fact weekend! We have had glorious weather here all weekend, in fact so hot I have come inside to do this LOL!

Not done much scrapping since the CC but determined to get ahead with cards so that I can concentrate more on my LOs again, so aimming to get all those done that I need by the end of June before we get to the end of May! It is a busy month tho what with 3 wedding anniversaries and countless birthdays - including mine of course. I am taking pics of my cards and will share them all when I am done.

Monday, 5 May 2008

My Prize!!!!

Well as I guess a lot of you are aware by now I was the lucky winner of the Chip n Dale class by Caroline of Bubbly Funk ( during the cybercrop on UK Scrappers last weekend. This week a super scrummy parcel arrived for me and I could not have won a better class as I got lots of CHIPBOARD:

As well as ribbons, blooms, and buttons! I think she might have been in my craft room LOL!

Anyway I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Caroline for such a lovely prize as well as getting it out to me so fast.

Well then it was back to earth with a crash as I have lots of occassions coming up that need cards. I am part of the May/June birthday swap on UKS and this the card that I came up with for another Caroline, who I understood loves green and black as well as her kitties! The cat and the Happy Birthday were cut from templates on UKS (sorry cannot remember whose they were!) and how lucky am I to be able to share in the work of these talented people who can design such things.

As I said so many cards and soo little time so this is what I came up with for my brother in law - simple but fast! I could not resist this little Westie who came in this week at work and is helping me stick to my new year's resolution of making all my cards this year - this next month or so is going to be a toughie!

Anyway that is a little insight to my crafting world this week! I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and do leave a comment to say you stopped by!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

EEEK I've been TAGGED!!!

Well Claire (Feline) has got me! Now who do I tag back - not eve certain how!

So 7 random facts about me (guessing some of you may have heard some of these tho!)

1. I took my driving test 4 times (or was it 5 - I lost count!) and finally passed at 29 after a break of 12 years!!!
2. I HATE fish!
3. I am very very untidy at home but neat at work! (go figure!)
4. I never used to like pink until I had a DD.
5. I have a passion for ginger cats!
6. I have been banned from Radio One
7. I have been on page 3 of The Sun!

OK now am guessing I need to add some peeps to a list and guessing it must be another 7 (don't think I even read that many blogs!!!)

Top of the list must be Mandijane55, Mandy Charlton Designs, MadHatterMillie, Lindschick, errrmmm then I struggle a bit cause the others are those that Claire has already done!

Am guessing that you should also be able to their blogs too but have not got a clue how to do this! Sorry maybe someone needs to give me a lesson!