Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Been Published!!!!

Oh dear has it really been that long since I got on here :o! Taken Sarah to give me a kick again to get posting but been rather busy lately setting up my Jamie at Home business! Will expand on that again but it anyone wants any more info just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

SOOOO what finally made me post? Well as you can see there is a LO at the top of this posting and it is one that appeared in the September issue of Scrapbook Trends! I was thrilled this one was chosen as it is probably my fave LO of all time and a photo of myself I actually like as well which is almost as amazing as me being published LOL! Well all the details on in the mag if you are interested so won't bore you with them all over again but promise to be back soon with more ramblings on ........... especially about my new venture!

Monday, 29 June 2009

They loved it!

Meant to let you all know before but my Mum and Dad really loved the album!!! Dad said he was pleased he did not have to pay me for all the time it must have taken to have done it. Now it is Mum's 60th soon so will have to think of something special for that.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Finally DONE!

At last but nearly 6 months late here is my parents anniversary album for their 4o years together. Sneaky peek for you all as they do not get it until next Friday so SSSSHHHHH! Done using K&Co Maison kit from QVC and lots of bling, flowers and of course TIME!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

British Museum

OK I am not quite certain this is going to work but here goes for the slide show of all my pics from the British Museum last Monday with Brenda Pinnick, Bridget, Leonie, Fab and Vincent! Great place and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting London AND it is free!!!

Just done it and for some reason it is not showing one of the photos!!! Been trying but cannot change it so any help appreciated :)

Monday, 4 May 2009

What's coming???

WATCH this space!!!! Cause I have to sort out photos and will be uploading very soon to show you what I got from Wossy and also to show you what a great time I had at the British Museum with Brenda Pinnick and friends!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Meet Brenda Pinnick in Person!!!

Yes you can! If you are around next Monday at 10am then she will be waiting to meet fellow crafters at the British Museum.

Let her know you are coming along on her blog http://www.brendapinnick.com/blog/ so that she does not miss you :) and who knows? I might even see you there!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Flowers in April!

Well over on UK Scrappers this month the photography competition is to take a photo of flowers and my Camellia bush was in bloom so too good an opportunity to miss out on! I just love the colour of this and the variegated leaves make it even more beautiful!

Well that was me sorted out I thought until this poor little bumble bee seemed not able to fly and was crawling around on the grass. We were worried about one of the cats getting it to be honest so placed it on a dandelion so it would get some food and it was very good and stayed there whilst I got my camera out! Love this one where you can see the raindrops on the wings.

I love this shot too as you do not normally take a photo of a flower from this angle - just wish the bee could have turned around a bit LOL!

Apologies for no photos yet of my prizes from last weekend - they HAVE arrived and promise to share them all with you soon. In the meantime I am hoping for good weather tomorrow so that I can head off and get some bluebells shots.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Radio 2 Winner!!!!

Well I cannot believe it - yesterday I called into the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2 and got onto the competition! Not only that I got a great plug for UK Scrappers AND I won so there are goodies on the way to me including hopefully some of the chocolate from Willie who had the programme on Channel 4! Have got more updates for you craftwise but if you want to hear me then go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/jonathan-ross/ and click on listen - I was on around 1 hour 50 mins into the programme with the quiz on following the news at 12pm!

Will let you see what goodies I won when I get them :)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Craft Space!!!!! Part 2

View of Expedit unit 2 with desk and DHs unit - or otherwise known as the space I use for my robo LOL!
Pictures above the unit. The top one was bought at an art shop near London Bridge and reminded me so much of my cat Bardsley. The bottom one is actually a framed decoupage picture which came from a craft fayre
Apologies for the refelection on this but this is a lovely print by Brenda Pinnick (those of you who watch QVC will know who I mean :)) which the lovely Lesley got me for my Secret Santa - yes it is finally framed and on the wall and sits about my PC so I can always look at it. It was such a lovely suprise so thanks again Lesley :)

So that is my room! Anyone who wants to know anything just ask, nothing exciting but it is my space and I can craft to my hearts content in here :)

My Craft Space!!!!! Part 1

From the doorway - as you can see there is just about room for the chair LOL!
The cat space :)
Expedit Unit 1 which is behind my chair
Expedit Unit 1 - you can just about see my flowers hanging from the end!
Expedit unit 2 whiche the desk is attached to - all my papers and cardstock are housed in the striped folders (Ok nearly all!) Also room for my robo to be to hand

More in part 2.............

Friday, 3 April 2009

OK it didn't happen......

Confession time - I did not post as promise BUT now the school hols are here and I am not running around I am aimming to sort this out and get some photos on next week! Just realised that I have downloaded loads and they are at their destinations now so means that I can share with you :)

The Dance Show last weekend was a great success - again photos to follow and also lots for me to scrap! There never seem to be enough hours in the day ............

Friday, 20 March 2009

I am FLYing!!!

No not literally but it is my effort to become more domesticated! There is a website for the Flylady but I am not following that to the letter just taking elements of it and certainly tackling the house room/zone by zone! This week I have done both the bathroom and the ensuite and have to say I am very ashamed of us all to think that they could have got this way.

Every night before I head off to head I make certain the sink is clear, clean and shiny ready for the next day. In the morning when I get out of my bed I make it! Sounds easy when you put it like that but the best thing of all is that it seems to be infectious and DD and DH are now joining in too which is really great!

I am however going to have to step out of this wonderful system this weekend and have a mad dash around the house as we have guests next weekend so want to make certain that things are not too bad for when they visit! Still on to the next area......

As as for the crafting - well been busy there too with lots of cards again so will be posting these next week once the birthday girls have all had theirs. Will also have some Easter cards by then using my new Candyfloss and Marshmallow bunny stamps. Hope to see you back next week :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So now we have some LOs!

So after no LOs for a long time it was the UK Scrappers cybercrop that finally gave me the kick I needed and got me creating again! Have not added any journalling or title to the first LO cause I want to frame it. Done in my fave colours with some of my fave K&Co papers as well, the ribbon on the LO is the one that is in DDs hair.

Have to say this is the fastest LO I have ever done in my entire life as the deadline for uploading during the CC was fast approaching, have to say it is not one of my faves but pays tribute to a much loved cat, Tangle who was tragically run over before he could even reach his second birthday.

These are some photos I took and have been meaning to scrap for ages! In fact I have to confess this is actually the first Christmas LO I have ever done despite the fact I seem to have lots of Christmas stash. All the papers on this are from DCWV, the letters are Thickers by American Crafts with the little Candy Cane from K&Co. Another great class from the CC but these were the only three I managed to get done cause BT decided it was time for my internet to stop working so at 5pm on the Saturday I had to call it a day much to my annoyance!

Still the inspiration was flowing so I did not stop and went on to create this:

It was a class from the CC and the web was meant to be created by sewing - which is NOT me at all unless it is cross stitch of course! So the inspirstion was there and my web is created with Stickles instead PLUS I finally used some of my Halloween papers from DCWV that I had so coverted at the time and never ever touched!

Also did some hidden journalling on this one to show where the title came from:

For those of you who have never seen this this is the cover of the book "Room on The Broom" which at the time DD absolutely loved - you will see she has tried to be the same and poor Mog was tied onto her broom!

So to the final LO for now - are you still with me????

Just realised I have been having good use out of my DCWV papers cause this is from the Butterflies and Blossoms collection which I got for my birthday! Glittery swirls were created with the help of a template and then covered with Stickles to make them sparkle! There are lots of jewels on this LO too courtesy of my bejeweller. So who can we see here then? My lovely friend Kaz and her (now) fiance Rich who are gettine married in September 2010. Kaz thinks the world of my DD and is now her adopted Godmother as she no longer sees one set of godparents - they left for the Med and we never heard from them again so if anyone knows where Lyn and Paul Hanby are please let me know!

Thanks for sticking with me for so long - going to be a better blogger in future (yes yes I knwo you have heard this before!!!) so will only be the few cards or LOs to show you - speaking of which the next time will be cards again as I have been a busy bee.

Waiting too for my Stazon to arrive as I have the new range of Dandelion and Daisy stamps which I have yet to play with so watch out for some creations with those!!!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

So here we are! I am back! It is spring (well nearly) so here are a springtime cards that I recently made for birthdays. Finally getting some use out of my H2Os but as ever I am too fussy and spend too much time actually making my stamped images so a card like this can take me a couple of hours!!!!

Had a panic yesterday when I realised it is my nephew's birthday today! Thank goodness for the robo so that I could make this for him, and thank goodness for the talent on UK Scrappers that like to share their templates cause I can do designs myself!

This is a superquick card I made for my Dad's birthday back in December - he was really pleased with it and could not believe it was made rather than shop bought. Also shows how you can use the bits from those concept card kits and make something of them!

A robo moment again - this time for my brother in December who has a VW Beetle (old style!) He was thrilled with this card and I really don't mind spending the time on cards for him as he really appreciates the effort that is put into them. Cannot claim it as all my own work though as the template came from UK Scrappers, although I did alter the windscreen a bit to make it correct for him.

This one was done for my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary again in December (busy month in this family!). My Dad has now given my 10 years notice for me to get one done for him for their Golden cause he had such problems getting a Ruby Wedding card with Wife on it. As you can see another robo creation - courtesy of UK Scrappers (apologies I really must note people's names when I save these templates). What you cannot really see on this picture is the beautiful patterned pearlescent vellum behind the lattice work.

Well I am going to leave it there and save the scrapbooking LOs for another time but yes I AM crafting again and even better creating LOs cause as some of you might know cards are only done to save me buying them. So until next time!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Once again.....

here I am apologising for not being a good blogger! Guess part of it comes down to the lack of crafting BUT the good news is that I have been crafting once again! DD is back at school tomorrow so hopefully I will have the time to come back on here and share with you some of the work that I have been doing. Most of it was kick started by the UK Scrappers cybercrop a couple of weeks back together with some nice new Expedit units from Ikea which have transformed my room and also meant that DH decorated it for me too! Piccies of that to follow when Ikea have my pink baskets in.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Been a long time......

since I came on here and wrote anything at all. Just need to say a lot has gone on and not all of it do I want to post on the internet, but I have been ill and I am on the road to recovery now.

The saddest thing I have to post though is about one of my lovely ginger cats. Poor Tangle was run over and killed a week ago Thursday. My neighbours found him in their front garden and it was too late for us to do anything. It was nice to think he was trying to come home to us but we were all very very sad about his death and he will be very much missed.

On a brighter note, we have got a new arrival to the family in the form of Kizzy. A little female tortie who is around 8/9 months old who we got from the RSPCA in Brighton after they rescued her from a house with 70 animals, 30 of which were cats and kittens, just before Christmas. Even this is a sad story as the cat we originally reserved turned out to be FIV positive so could not be rehomed with us. Luckily they had the cat who is now our Kizzy who is gradually getting braver and coming out more and more. Cheshire is not too bothered about her but she is a bit of a hisser towards hime at the moment although hopefully that will all change.

Promise to share photos when she stays still long enough for us to take one!