Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Beginnings

OK so I have now figured out what I am going to do for this month for my mini book this month without really thinking about it.  New beginning are going to be to have a (reasonably) tidy house by getting everyone else at home on board with it too (shame I cannot include the kitties in that LOL!) and although everyone says this I really want this year to be one that I end a bit fitter and slimmer. I had back problems late last year and basically if I don't do these things then it is going to keep coming back so I really need to hit these goals!!!

OK off to find out more about what is happening with the mini books this week and will keep you updated on how I am getting along - wish us all luck!!!


misteejay said...

Off to a good start if you have already decided on some goals.

Toni xx

Karen said...

Great idea for your mini book and I wish you every success with your goals for 2011 :)