Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Weightwatchers update!!

Well another week and another weigh in - lost another 4lbs so have now lost over half a stone at 7.5 lbs which means I got my silver 7!!!

Found that I am eating a lot more apples and other fresh fruit but have to say that tip of the week this week is when you are full - STOP eating!!!  Sounds easy doesn't it LOL!  We went to a carvery last week which was really good as lots of veggies but had planned for a dessert as well - when it came to it I really wondered if the points were worth it and as I was full anyway went without one!!! 

All in all feeling very pleased with myself I have to say


misteejay said...

Sounds like things are continuing to go well.

Toni :o)

Karen said...

WOW well done with the weight loss, thats great :)